L-Lysine Cured My Hay Fever. 

L-Lysine - Hay Fever Home RemediesL-Lysine is an amino acid sold in pill form, at health food stores. I have suggested this to many people and it usually helps them. It cured my Hay Fever allergies which is supposed to be impossible to cure. It is an amino acid (a kind of nutrient) which I believe is fairly safe, but as with anything else you take or eat, check it out to see if it reacts badly with any medications or supplements or foods you eat. 

 I took 2500 mg. twice a day and it cured my hay fever. 

My hay fever affected me at the end of summer and into the Autumn. I never had it as a child, but developed it when I was in my forties. 

Before using it I tried many Hay Fever Home Remedies, over a period of at least five years, such as bee pollen, local honey, local bee hives, as well as pharmaceutical drugs. Nothing really worked, some gave me partial relief but.

I took 2500 mg at night before bed and 2500 mg  in the morning when I woke up.

It took about a week for the first relief from my allergies to show up. I kept doing that for the rest of the summer. At some point during that first summer, when I saw that my hay fever had cleared up considerably, I cut my dosage to 2000 mg instead of 2500 and immediately my hay fever came back.  So I went back to 2500 mg and then the hay fever was nearly gone.

The fact that the hay fever came back when I took lower dosages, proved to me that it was the L-Lysine which cured my hay fever. It is not expensive.

I took the same amount the following year and also tried to cut back to 2000 mg but I don’t think it worked . So I continued with 2500.,

However in the ensuing years, I kept testing to see if I could cut back and I did. First to 2000 , then 1500, etc. And finally I only had to take some L=Lysine for a short time each year. Maybe it was two weeks, I don’t recall exactly. But eventually I just stopped needing it at all.

Once in awhile when I had some symptoms I took it again for a day or two, and my symptoms cleared up completely.

I want to be clear that I do not know anything about L-Lysyine and how it may interact with other drugs or supplements you are taking, so you should check this out. I was not taking any drugs or vitamins so I had no conflict. It has also been helpful to me and others, in clearing up sinus congestion. A great success story amongst Hay Fever Home Remedies.