Double Page Artist Proof Print + Signature Edition book. The Print does not have the copyright notice on it.

These prints are archival proofs of double page spreads, made as part of the design and layout process for The Band Photographs: 1968-1969 book. They are approximately 12 x 24 inches—the same size as the book. A few are folded along the book seam to give me an idea of how they would look in a book. I printed them on acid free paper, from my best files with the same archival printer and inks I use for my Fine Art Prints. Although the paper is thinner than my Fine Art Prints, you won’t see this difference when it is framed. In effect, you are getting two photographs. I have over a hundred of these for sale on my website, priced at $575. For this campaign, I am offering a limited number of these for $265 plus the cost of either the Signature or Deluxe edition of CONTACTING THE BAND. Prints are embossed with a seal of authenticity. Print shipped May, 2020.