Project Description

Photographing Bob Dylan: The image used for the cover of Nashville Skyline (1969)

One afternoon I went over to his place. As we left the house, Dylan grabbed a hat, and asked, “Do you think we could use this?” I had no idea if it would be good or not, so I told him “take it, and we’ll see.” We walked around through the woods behind his house looking for a good spot. It had just been raining, we had boots on, and he was carrying this hat…

 He paused for a moment, apparently inspired, and said, “What about taking one from down there?” pointing to the ground. As I started kneeling, I saw that it was muddy but kept going. “Do you think I should wear this?” he asked, starting to put on his hat, smiling because it was kind of a goof, and he was having fun visualizing himself in this silly-looking traditional hat. “I don’t know,” I said as I snapped the shutter. It all happened so fast. If I had had any resistance in me, I would have missed the photograph that became the front cover. It is best to be open to life.

The photographs in this website are presented in a Gallery format. Most of them can be specially ordered as prints by contacting Elliott. Some of them are listed in our E shop. Because we wanted this to be primarily a photo experience, not a shopping experience, we did not clutter up the interface with purchase links.