Project Description

Impressionist Flower Photographs

I feel that these Impressionist flower photographs are evocative, but not imitative, of the works done by the master Impressionist painters such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Cassett, Monet, etc. I began making this type of photograph in Provence, France in 1988. They were not created with the intention of imitating what had been done before but were created, almost by chance, with no foreknowledge of what they would look like. After seeing the first group, I realized they were similar to Impressionist paintings…

These photos appear exactly as the original slides look. They were all taken with a single exposure. The multiple imagery in some was achieved with the use of an optical filter in front of the lens at the time of shooting.

I have not used the computer to alter the image or color, but only to recreate the colors of the original slide so it can be reproduced in a print.”

For me, the joy of photography is the connection with what I am photographing and not the creation of an image with a computer. I try to do it in such a way that this joyous connection can be experienced by others who see my works. ”

The photographs in this website are presented in a Gallery format. Most of them can be specially ordered as prints by contacting Elliott. Some of them are listed in our E shop. Because we wanted this to be primarily a photo experience, not a shopping experience, we did not clutter up the interface with purchase links.