Project Description

In 1972 I left New York with my wife, our 1-year old daughter and our 90 lb. dog. We left to Europe with only 22 dollars in our pockets to seek a better life for our family. Our journey lasted 6 1/2 years during which time we lived in 7 different countries…

We traveled many of those years in a 42-passenger English bus which had been converted into a comfortable dwelling, large enough for our family which expanded to four with the birth of our son in Switzerland. My photographic intention was to share the beauty of mother and child. To me it was more important to take these kinds of photos than the culturally oriented ones I had been taking. I took many pictures of my family as we experienced new cultures, landscapes and ways of life on the road. During this period my wife hand colored some of my photographs. These are a sampling of those prints.

The photographs in this website are presented in a Gallery format. Most of them can be specially ordered as prints by contacting Elliott. Some of them are listed in our E shop. Because we wanted this to be primarily a photo experience, not a shopping experience, we did not clutter up the interface with purchase links.