Slightly Dinged Prints

Elliott Is offering very slightly dinged prints at a discounted price. The ding does not touch the image itself. It is only a slight damage to the edge of the paper or sometimes a mark on the edge. The prints you see on this page are the actual ones you will receive. This damage will be hidden by the mat and frame.

In the era of silver gelatin prints—prints made from a negative and processed in wet chemistry, a fine print was nearly always printed with white space around it because the edges of the paper were often stained or dinged in the chemical development process which was done by hand. So a print could easily have damage on the edge and not be considered “damaged.” However, in today’s Fine Art Print space, buyers expect edge-to-edge perfection and treat the white border, which used to be the safety margin, as part of the value of the print. Thus, when we ding a print here in the studio, I am offering it at a reduced price. The image itself is exactly the same as a regular-priced print.

For international customers (other than Canada): please write us here on the Contact page to calculate shipping costs.