The Band, “Music from Big Pink” Lithograph – 16″ x 22″


The Band, “Music from Big Pink” album photograph, Woodstock, NY, 1968. Outside Levon and Richard’s house, W. Ohayo Mountain Rd., during the third photo session for “Music From Big Pink”


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Framed, Dark Brown — slightly textured wood
Pressed wood interior—has an elegant solid wood look.
Frame face is 1.25 inches wide
Double thick (8 ply) MatBoard.
All acid free, archival materials.
Optical framing quality Plexiglass (non-UV)

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LITHOGRAPHS – 16×22″ SHEET SIZE: Lithos are reproductions of Elliott’s photographs made with a printing press on high quality, heavy-weight paper with light resistant inks. Elliott went to great lengths to make these look as close as possible to a Fine Art print, although they are not nearly as archival. They should be framed with UV plexiglass or UV glass, to slow the fading which will occur with anything printed on a printing press. However I have seen these two Lithos – The Big Pink album photo and the Band album photo, on people’s walls for over 20 years without any significant fading. But they should not be in direct sunlight. Fine Art Prints have a much longer archival life (defined as the time before any noticeable fading occurs.