DY116 – Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline – Album Cover Format


Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline. Square version
Pigment Ink Print
Appeared on the cover of Nashville Skyline
Taken in Woodstock, NY 1969

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By chance, I had just created a new Fine Art print version of the Nashville Skyline cover photograph of Bob Dylan and was planning to release it in the coming weeks. However with the Nobel prize recognition it seems like a good moment to do it.

I am now printing the image in a square format exactly as it was published on the original album cover. Over the years, I have only exhibited and sold this image in full frame format (see below) which included the bottom of the image. However, Aperture Magazine asked me to submit a square format print for their benefit on October 24th and that inspired me to make a Fine Art print of this image in the square format and its gorgeous. The reproduction quality of this image on the numerous record and CD releases over the years has been mediocre at best and awful most of the time. So seeing how beautiful it is in this square format is a first for me also. It focuses on the essence of the photo—Bob’s smile and loving demeanor. This cropping was the choice he and I made years back when we selected it for the album cover. So, now it is available, beautifully printed in 3 sizes – one open edtion and the others limited to 75 of each size.

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Bob Dylan Nash Cover

Bob Dylan, at his Byrdcliffe home, Nashville Skyline album cover, Woodstock, NY, 1969. Photo By ©Elliott Landy, LandyVision Inc.