Woodstock Vision – Hardcover – Signed


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Woodstock Vision
The Spirit of a Generation
Hardcover Book Signed by Elliott
224 pages, 9.5 x 11 inches,
nearly 300 photographs.
Includes an expanded 98 page section
about the 69 Woodstock Festival.


Included are nearly 300 of Elliott’s classic photographs that helped define the Woodstock Era with intimate images of some of the greatest music legends of the Sixties at home and in concert. This new edition features a new 90-page Woodstock Festival section which captures and preserves the true vision and spirituality of the Festival and the time. It contains personal first-hand accounts from the producers, builders, hippies and straights that describe the spirituality, the trials and tribulations, and the sheer joy of being there. It is a truly celebration of a time that continues to inspire and has been embraced by succeeding generations.

Woodstock Vision Woodstock VisionWoodstock Vision