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This is the most gorgeous book I’ve ever seen about a group of musicians from back in the early days when life and music was so innocent. You were incredibly lucky to be there and then you carried through by making strong images that really captured the time of innocence.

Donna Ferrato
Activist and Workshop Director

This book is a fascinating crossover between photomonograph and rock music history, blended with an exemplar on individual and multiperson portraiture. And if you’re a fan of The Band, then this would be even harder to resist.

Andy Finney
The Royal Photographic Journal, April, 2016


The long awaited book is here (5 stars)

By Patrick Gallagher on December 12, 2015

when i first saw these photos I knew what I wanted to do with my life and soon purchased my first camera. It is nice to have this book as a record of a time that may never come this way again. If you are a fan of Elliott’s and The Band then you should have this book in your collection. The only negative iI have is that it was printed in China as an ex Printer this is a concern.


Nothing better than this! (5 stars)

By R. Fraboni on December 18, 2015 

Hi Elliott,

The book arrived today, wow… What a happy guy you must be. What a great legacy. I will treasure this forever. It brings them back to life in many ways.

The lithos also arrived separately and quite honestly, I opened the tube, spread them on the carpet and sat there looking at them with tears running down my cheeks. I am so grateful.

Warmly, Rob


Patience can be rewarded (5 stars)

By D. V. Lawson on January 6, 2016

Patience can be rewarded. Some of us have been aware of this book as a project for two years and those of us lucky enough to now have it in our hands will appreciate that it was worth the wait. There has always been something timeless in the music that The Band played on their albums especially the first two absolute classics and this is reflected in these photographs. anyone who has fallen under the spell of their music will love this book.


Captures the spirit of The Band and the ’60s in beautiful, up-close and intimate photographs (5 Stars)

By Amazon Customer on January 30, 2016

Exceptional book. Captures the spirit of The Band and the ’60s in beautiful, up-close and intimate photographs. This is a piece of art as much as it is a historical document.

translated from Amazon.com in Japan:

Please watch while listening. (5 stars)

Posted by Amazon customer 2015/12/12

Finally I got. While I think the Robbie and Levon feud after dissolution, I was moved to tears at the sight of the members who are smiling side by side in this photo collection. Cheers to another return [to the] wonder years.

Elliott Landy The Band Photographs Signature Edition